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Whether to construct or buy your outdoor pizza oven

Whether to construct or buy your outdoor pizza oven

Normally it would seem fairly obvious for a simple home pizza maker to opt for a simpler pizza oven. But for an expert, the descision may not be as simple. Several factors may sway this descision in either direction, so lets discuss.

A bought pizza oven has several advantages. Firstly and most obviously, there is little to no effort involved. On an electric or counter top oven, the most advanced thing you will have to do to get ready is plug the cord in. They are usually very efficient, and most of the time it is actually hard to fail at making pizza. They are created by companies who invest time and resources into their designs and make ovens that work. They have the consumer on their mind and want them to be able to make pizza at home with little complications. This leads me to the downsides. A mass produced pizza oven is going to do exactly what it says on the box, and won’t allow for any customisation. Pretty much all the control you will get is the heat on the top and bottom elements or burners. This is more than enough for most home pizza oven users, so don’t let this scare you off.

Onto a DIY or brick pizza oven made in your backyard. The end result may have the potential to produce the most amazing results, but there are a few factors which determine this. The assumption is that if you are building your own pizza oven, it will be of the wood fired variety, as all other ovens can be bought with ease. Many people do not realise the skill involved in cooking a pizza in a wood fired pizza oven. The inconsistencies in fire and stone construction can make cooking a pizza evenly fairly difficult.

The hardest part comes in building the outdoor pizza oven. This hard work is the biggest thing that puts people off of building their own oven. Getting it right will take some skill and patience. Moreso if you are not all that good with your handy work. Despite all of this, home made pizza lovers who like getting their handy dirty may absolutley love the challenge. Whether you want to brag about your creation to friends or entertain a mass of guests, an outdoor brick oven will fill your needs. A DIY pizza oven is a great idea if you fall into this category.

Finally, there is a middle ground. Maybe you are fairly handy but don’t want the difficult task of building an oven from scratch. Pizza oven kits are available in many countries. Believe it or not, you can build quite a large outdoor oven from nothing but a kit and some hard work. You will be provided with step by step instructions which will allow the construction of a very impressive oven with much less skill and labour.┬áNo matter which option you go for, you will be enjoying an amazing home made pizza from your brand new oven.

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